EHP has designed our website so it is as accessible as possible. Here is some advice on how you can use this site more easily if you are finding it difficult to; navigate the site, use a mouse or read the text.

Make text larger

You can use your browser to set the text size, which is generally done through the browser's 'View' menu.

Customise the text

EHP's site uses style sheets to control font colours and sizes. The standard settings can be overridden through your web browser preferences.


Users can access all parts of the site whether they are using a screen reader, a text browser, or a keyboard without a mouse.

We have installed a hidden jump to content link for people using screen readers.

There is a 'hidden' shortcuts marked jump to content at the very start of each page that can take the user straight to the main content area.

Jump back to the top of the page

To jump back up to the top of the page, you can use the 'back to top' link near the bottom of each page.

Site map

A full list of the pages on our site can be accessed by using the site map.

Find out where you are in the site

To find out where you are in the site, you can use the breadcrumb links which are found directly above the page titles.

Bookmark your favourite pages

To allow you to find your favourite pages again quickly, pressing Ctrl + D (in most browsers) will add the page which you are viewing to your Bookmarks.

Have we missed anything? Tell us!

If you find something difficult to see or use, we might be able to help, please get in touch via emailing or calling 0330 088 8408.

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