EHP provides a high quality specialist multidisciplinary education and health service that is accessible to all to maximise the potential of children and young people throughout education.

  • Our culture

    We are looking for education and health professionals who share the following ethos and values. If this is you, then you can apply via the form at the bottom of the page, or by emailing your CV to and letting us know which role you are interested in applying for.

  • Child-centred

    We take a child-centred approach to help children and young people lead happy, healthy and fulfilled lives through having their needs identified and addressed. We want people who are also committed to providing individual children and young people with the skills needed to maximise their achievement, wellbeing and potential through a child-centred approach.

  • Continuous development

    Are you a professional who continuously strives for improvement where possible? A commitment to continuous development maintains our high standards of evidence-based practice, knowledge of recent developments and research. As professionals we believe in sharing specialist expertise and knowledge to develop opportunities for all.

  • Teamwork

    We are looking for individuals who can create and maintain effective partnerships and collaborations which means that our multidisciplinary education and health partnership provides a supportive network alongside an efficient service. Communication is very important within teamwork and joint planning as it supports smooth co-ordination and transitions between our professionals and those we work with. Working together facilitates the best joint outcomes.

  • Expertise and professionalism

    Within our multidisciplinary team we value the varied areas of expertise and specialisms and we believe that through combining this specialist knowledge we are able to provide an all encompassing service. If you believe that your expertise and specialisms are needed in our team then send your CV to

  • Achievement and results

    As a team we believe in achieving results and outcomes through efficient, evidence-based and practical solutions. We want professionals who also value the long-term impact and lifelong opportunities provided by working in an evidence-based way alongside the 'assess, plan, do, review' process.

    Providing a flexible multidisciplinary team of education and health professionals allows us to provide a truly accessible service which is available when needs arise or adapt.

  • Inclusion

    Social and educational inclusion for ages 0-25 is important, and includes having high aspirations and expectations for all children and young people to enable individuals to maximise their potential. We value the positive impact education can have on students' futures, which is why as a team we aim for full inclusion of each student in their educational experience to maximise their potential.

What it's like to work at EHP?

The combination of specialisms and professionals within EHP means that you will be in good company with specialists who work together to help all children and young people with SEND maximise their potential throughout education whilst leading happy, healthy and fulfilled lives.

EHP professionals have the flexibility of choosing their own hours and working within an innovative and joined-up multidisciplinary team. Team members can work as an associate member of staff, allowing more freedom to choose how and when they work.

EHP work in all types of education settings providing services to support all levels and areas of need, meaning that there is a variety of work available.

Why work with us?

There are many benefits of working within our specialist multidisciplinary team of education and health professionals, including:

  • Being part of a professional and supportive team
  • Improving the outcomes of children and young people
  • Supervision
  • Flexible working hours
  • Opportunities for professional development

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We are looking for education and health professionals who share our ethos and values.

Who we look for

We work together in the following teams:

We also have opportunities for support professionals, including:

  • Assistant occupational therapists
  • Assistant speech and language therapists
  • Assistant physiotherapists
  • Assistant dietitians
  • Assistant school nurses
  • Assistant psychologists

Alternatively if you feel as though you would like to join our specialist multidisciplinary team and would add value to our service and cannot see a suitable position for yourself listed above then please email with a cover letter and your CV.

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We are looking for education and health professionals who share our ethos and values. If you share our ethos and values then please complete this form or send a cover letter and your CV to

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If you would like to find out more about the services we offer or to book a free initial discussion then please contact us on email

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