Profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD)

Our specialist teachers provide individual, group and systemic services in relation to profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD).

What is specialist teaching of profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD)?

Our specialist teachers work with children and young people who have complex learning difficulties in addition to a physical disability and / or sensory impairment so they can maximise their potential in all areas of their learning. Our specialist teachers can support the creation of accessible curriculums in addition to specialist assessments and interventions. PMLD can occur from birth or can be caused through a serious illness or injury. In cases when PMLD occurs from birth, an Education Health and Care (EHC) plan is usually in place prior to school age. Individual needs can be met through specialist provision, alternative curriculums and at times environmental adaptations.

A diagnosis of a profound and multiple learning disability (PMLD) is used when a child has more than one disability, with the most significant being a learning disability.

Many children diagnosed with PMLD will also have a sensory or physical disability, complex health needs, or mental health difficulties. People with PMLD need a carer or carers to help them with most areas of everyday life, such as eating, washing and going to the toilet.

Profound and multiple learning disability (PMLD), NHS, 2015

...profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD), where children are likely to have severe and complex learning difficulties as well as a physical disability or sensory impairment.

SEND code of practice, 2015

What specialist teaching services do we offer in relation to PMLD?

Our specialist teachers offer the following services in relation to PMLD:

  • Assessment
  • 1-to-1 intervention
  • Group work
  • Sensory work
  • Training
  • Consultancy
  • Systemic work

Children and young people with PMLD can have a broad range of needs, which is why our specialist teaching services are bespoke. If a service which is not listed above is required in relation to PMLD then please don't hesitate to contact us on or 0330 088 8408.

What interventions and groups can our PMLD specialist teachers provide?

Interventions and groups provided by our PMLD specialist teachers are related to the following areas of need:

  • Learning
  • Communication
  • Physical
  • Sensory
  • Emotional wellbeing

Interventions and groups will be chosen according to the specific needs identified within individuals and groups following an initial assessment.

Who we work with

Our specialist services can be accessed by education, health and other professions working with children and young people.

What consultancy and whole school services do we provide?

Our PMLD specialist teachers provide consultancy and whole school services to suit the needs of children, young people and education staff. Examples of the consultancy and whole school services our PMLD specialist teachers provide include:

  • Setting up provision
  • Problem solving
  • Reducing risk
  • Coaching
  • Increasing opportunities for learning
  • Sensory curriculums
  • Policies and procedures
  • Developing total communication environments

The above list is not exhaustive and our specialist teachers can provide consultancy and whole school services in relation to all areas of PMLD. Consultancy and whole school approaches can maximise the impact of teaching, interventions and provision in place. Our services are designed with the specific needs of each setting at the centre. To learn more about our consultancy services please contact us on or 0330 088 8408.

What training do our PMLD specialist teachers offer?

Training can be provided for all education staff, or a targeted group of staff. Our PMLD specialist teachers offer training in relation to:

  • Sensory integration
  • Sensory curriculums
  • Positive behaviour support
  • Moving and handling
  • Communication
  • Cognition and learning
  • Physical needs
  • Emotional wellbeing

There is scope for both broad and specific training in relation to the above topics. To find out more about our training services or to book a session, please get in touch now. We also hold a number of CPD events throughout the year.


Our training is available on and off site for education settings and organisations in relation to health, psychology and education.

Which children and young people do we work with?

We work with children and young people aged 0-25 with profound and multiple learning difficulties. Our services are available to work with existing and identified needs in addition to preventative approaches.

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What are the benefits of using our specialist PMLD teachers?

There are many benefits of using our specialist PMLD teachers as they:

  • Upskill education staff
  • Provide specialist services
  • Provide high quality services
  • Maximise students' potential

Input from our specialist teachers in any of the services can lead to long-lasting and sustainable benefits within education settings and to children, young people and education staff.


Our services can be funded through a variety of ways.

Our PMLD specialist teaching services are available on an individual, group and whole school level. Identifying and addressing needs helps children, young people and education staff.

Commission EHP

Our specialist multidisciplinary services can be commissioned through a service level agreement and as standalone input.

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