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Assistant educational psychologist

Sarah Ward


Sarah is passionate about helping students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) achieve their true potential. Her experience covers the 0-25 age range, including early years. Sarah has experience designing and delivering interventions in both education and home settings. Integrating her specialist knowledge and experience enables Sarah to help children and young people to lead happy, healthy and fulfilled lives.



Curriculum Vitae - Sarah Ward


Specialisms and services:

  • Post-16
  • Mental health
  • Autistic spectrum conditions (ASC)
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Parent support
  • Child development
  • Children and young people with looked after status
  • Transitions
  • Emotional regulation
  • Anger and aggression

Professional memberships:


  • 1
    MSc in Cognitive neuroscience and special educational needsUniversity of Valencia, Spain
  • 2
    BA (Hons) in Spanish studies and psychologyLancaster University

Interview with Sarah Ward

How can you help education settings?

I can help education settings by taking a holistic approach to identify and address barriers to learning. I look beyond the child or young person to support their needs.

What will you provide that other SEND professionals won't?

I take an innovative approach during interventions to make the session as engaging and relevant to the individual as possible.

Why is it important to work closely with education settings?

It is important to work closely with education settings as they spend so much time with the child or young person, through working with them it is possible to apply a consistent and effective approach. Education settings know the individuals I work with very well, so their advice and knowledge is invaluable.

Why is resilience important?

Resilience is important because it helps you to overcome any number of barriers within your life and to keep on going. By building up this resilience in students, they are more able to face life's challenges and reach their potential.

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