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We provide specialist education and health services to education settings on a targeted level, which is also known as a group level. The targeted level provides support or resources for those who require input above what is provided to all children and young people within the setting.

What targeted work do we provide?

We provide targeted work in all of our services through a broad range of services, including group work and screening. Each of our health services can be commissioned for targeted work as well as our psychology and specialist teaching services.

What are the benefits of group work?

Group work is a cost effective and efficient way of carrying out targeted, focused education and health interventions. Group work can be commissioned as part of a service level agreement. Group work provides targeted interventions to multiple children and young people at a time.

Group work supports academic, social and wellbeing in addition to personal development. Group work can target isolated or multiple areas of need. There are many benefits of group work as it:

  • Maximises potential
  • Narrows the gap
  • Improves students' perspective of education
  • Provides peer support
  • Improves progress
  • Raises confidence
  • Facilitates focused support
  • Provides a safe space
  • Encourages changing perspectives
  • Builds on strengths

Our professionals incorporate specific skills, techniques and strategies during each group to maximise their input. Group work is effective in encouraging positive change and narrowing any gaps. We provide group work throughout our education and health specialisms.

What is screening?

Screening is a way of identifying children and young people who may have unidentified needs, or be at risk of developing specific needs, such as anxiety during exams. Screening can be electronic and paper-based. Being able to accurately screen whole schools, year groups or classes can lead to preventative interventions in addition to early identification of needs. Screening cannot be used as a diagnostic tool.

What types of screening do we offer?

We offer a variety of screening within education, health, and social, emotional and mental health (SEMH). Screening can be related to a specific learning difficulty (SpLD), SEMH, physical health and language. In addition to specific screening for individuals and groups, we also offer education settings a screening to identify areas of need within a group or school. Screening helps to identify the needs of a targeted group of children and young people, which facilitates early intervention.

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